Field-Ops Mission 1 + New Spy Gadget Features!

Good afternoon penguins, Bubblegum here. If you are an EPF agent, then you’ll be receiving your first weekly objective today. Check your spy gadget for more info.

It’ll tell you to head for the HQ for your ‘mission’. Click on the screen on the right for it.

G will be assigning you the mission. It’s up to you to accept it or not.

…Really? More popcorn? I’m really starting to hate popcorn…

If you forget your mission, you can always click the “Field-Ops” feature in your spy gadget. It’s the first new feature! 😉

Spoiler!! If you want to find the location yourself, scroll past this part until you see “End Spoiler”


Head to the Town to find the “Big Letter S”. Take a guess on where it’ll be.
The bomb is hidden in the word “Disco”

Your spy gadget will begin to beep. Click on it to find out how to disable the bomb.

Match the correct symbol to one just like it to disable the circuit. Disable them all before time runs out.

If/When you disable the popcorn bomb, this message on your spy gadget will appear.

End Spoiler! 😀

If you want to obtain some new agent equipment… Click on the Elite Gear button. It’s the other new feature.

Awesome huh?? You can obtain your own EPF outfit this way! There’s the Delta outfit for boys… And the Alpha outfit for girls. (Scroll down the list to see it)

Here’s what Billybob has to say about the new Field-Ops!

Hello Penguins!

We asked Elite Agents to report for duty on June 15, and that time has come. Today we launch a new feature called “Field-Ops”, which will give agents weekly orders to keep the island safe. After what happened to the PSA, these orders will be more important than ever!

Field-Ops will put all of an agent’s skills to the test – their ability to search for clues, solve problems, and work under pressure. To start, there will be a number of tasks that agents will need to learn…

June 15 Sneak Peek.jpg

… and new ones will be added over time.

All Elite Agents will have access to Field-Ops, so you can work together with your buddies and fellow agents to solve them. But we’ve also planned some special rewards for members, including some all-new EPF gear.

Begin your first Field-Ops at the Command Room, and let us know what you think. Just don’t give away any surprises!

In other news – the Island Adventure Party starts this week. I’m keeping it a surprise, to let everyone explore it for themselves, so let us know what you think when it launches.

So? What do you think about the new features? The field-op? The annoying popcorn bombs? Let me know in your comments! 🙂

Until next time, Stay Sharp and Waddle on!


New Gadget on Club Penguin Homepage?

Hey, I noticed something! If you check by the Lighthouse where the spy phone used to be…

…you’ll see there’s a new gadget lying there!

Click on it and a mysterious penguin will pick it up!

Do you think maybe it’s a new agent? Or a previous agent in disguise? And what do you think the new device is? Let me know below!

Until next time, Waddle on and look sharp!


Finding Gary the Gadget Guy

Well, it wasn’t easy, but I found him. He was at Snow Cone when I found him. You can get a autographed background from him! Check out Straw000’s page about it!

I was very happy to find him because I’ve been searching all day!

Not a good picture I admit, but I didn’t have much time before he left.

Here’s me with the snazzy background! I think I’m never going to take it off, accept for certain occasions.

I’ll have to update the Featured Page tomorrow. Along with the Community Page updates. Cya!