Stamp Games Have New Title Pictures!

As I was collecting stamps, I noticed that the title pictures had changed! Check them out!

Jet Pack Adventure

Catchin’ Waves

Aqua Grabber

Also, when you finish a game, the screen that says how many coins you’ve earned has been changed!

Have you seen any other big changes? Let me know below!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


New Club Penguin Wii Game to be Released!!

Awesome! Check it out! I found a post for a to be released Club Penguin Wii game! It’ll be called Club penguin Game Day! Check it out below! And here’s the link if you’d like to read it yourself!

BURBANK, Calif., Jun 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Disney Interactive Studios today announced Club Penguin Game Day! is being developed exclusively for Wii. Scheduled for release this September, Club Penguin Game Day! will mark the franchise’s video game console debut.

Based on the snow-covered virtual world that’s captivated millions around the globe, Club Penguin Game Day! will delve into the environment, characters and storylines of the online playground of Club Penguin like never before. The game will include innovative ways to connect with and new, interactive mini-games to challenge and engage the whole family.

“Club Penguin has always maintained a really strong emphasis on social, family fun and the value of working together,” said Lane Merrifield, co-founder of Club Penguin and executive vice president of Disney Online Studios. “Moving onto the Wii platform lets us offer parents a great opportunity to connect with their kids in the comfort of their own living room around an active game that’s participatory, cooperative and a lot of fun for everyone, and that’s something we’re really excited about.”

In Club Penguin Game Day!, players create and customize a penguin and compete in a variety of single or multiplayer sports-themed racing and performance events such as Java Sack, Fast Freeze, Sled & Slide and Sumo Smash. Each time players beat a challenge, they conquer a zone on the island. The ultimate goal is for players to work with their team and conquer as much territory as possible.

Club Penguin Game Day! will be the third video game in the franchise, following the recent release of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge for Nintendo DS(TM). The highly anticipated sequel to the original DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, which was released in 2008 and sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide, introduced intriguing new missions and mysteries for Elite Penguin Force agents.

“As the Club Penguin phenomenon continues to grow, it makes sense to bring the brand to Wii,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios.” Club Penguin Game Day! combines the distinct look and feel of the Club Penguin virtual world with competitive games that are easy to pick up and play using the Wii Remote.”

Club Penguin Game Day! will allow players to transfer their customized penguins via their Wii Remote(TM) to a friend’s Wii for use in gameplay. Once back on the original console, high scores, coins and customization items earned will merge with the player’s profile.

As with the two DS games, players can also upload coins earned in game to, but the new game will take the elements of online-offline connectivity even further by also allowing players to synchronize their in-game penguins and achievements with their online penguin accounts.

Awesome! It sounds cool to me. I think it would be a good family game. 🙂 I do not have a Wii, so I will not be able to buy it… But it’s okay. I can hold off on this one. The game is set to be released sometime in Fall 2010. I’m guessing August.

What do you think? Will it be a good game?

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Puffle Rescue: Level 2 Tips & Hardhat in Cave Mine

Phew! Just finished my homework. I was having a bit of trouble with it. ^^;  Here’s the second level tips guide or you.

Before the game, you can pick up an orange hard hat at the Cave Mine! I never noticed that before; is it new?

Okay, I have to admit, the second level is the hardest in my opinion. Level three is scary, but two is just hard. 😛

You have to cross mine cart to the other side where the poor pink puffles are located in the dark. Some carts move faster then others, some move very slow. There are two kinds of crates, safe, and not safe. XP The crate with the wood stapled onto it is safe to stand on for as long as you want. The crates WITHOUT the wood you may only stand on for a moment before it caves in and you fall.

The longer away from a checkpoint you are, (the tiles the puffles are found on or start) they darker the mine around you will get. It won’t completely go dark, but it makes it harder to see what’s ahead or behind you.

A few levels after the start, there will occasionally be a long pipe surrounding the stage. Air pumps through this pipe and comes out in several spots. (The places it’s capped) Avoid this strong burst of air or you’re in danger of being knocked over the edge.

*The cool thing is, there’s sometimes a little bonus waiting for you after the pipes. 😉 A bag with fluffy on it is a little coin bonus!

A level or two later, some strange machines show up. They are snowball machines and when they target you, it’ll follow your direction and launch a snow ball at you. This is both good and bad.

To avoid the snowballs and the cannon’s view, the rocks below keep you hidden and the snowballs out.

The bad thing is, if you’re hit by a snowball, like the burst of air, you’ll be knocked over the edge if you’re next to it.

The GOOD thing is, you can earn points by destroying other snowball shooters. With a little maneuvering and solid ground, you can get a snowball from a machine to hit another machine and destroy it! One less snowball to worry about 🙂

Simpler words: Have one cannon’s snowball destroy the other by standing between them until one glows and fires a snowball. Then you can move.

Another good and bad thing. The bat! Sometimes there are puffles high up and you can’t get up to them. If there’s a pad anywhere around, you can step on it and a bat will come to your aid. Friendly thing! 😀

NOW’s the part where it’s good AND/Or bad. You control the bat’s movements by using your arrow keys. Keep it from bumping into obstacles or you’ll fall.

Those are all the little tips I have for you in this level! Why don’t you go any play it for yourself? What’s the highest level you can get to?

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Puffle Rescue Game! *Tips Included!

Well, the one time I get up early to update, there’s nothing to update! Oh well. I got a lot done this morning and now I can post quicker! 🙂

The Mine Tunnel has opened up again and you can dig for coins!

In the Secret Waterway, the door to the ocean has been blocked by a door. When you click on the door, this message pops up.

As for the official game, there are three levels. One is for everyone and the other two, (on the right) are member exclusive. Sorry non-members! 😦

If you want instructions for the game, it’s located on the bottom right of the page.

The game is somewhat like Frogger, if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s an old video game where you had to get a frog to the other side of the road without getting run over by a car. Here, you have to get your penguin across to the other side and back without falling off. (For the first level)

After you rescue to puffle, you’ll get a message like this. “Thank you -insert penguin name here-!”

*Be careful! If you move to fast on the ice, you may skid. This means nothing really important though. Also beware of small cracks in the ice. You can stand on them, but only for a second before they crack and cave in. Sharks are another problem, but they move in patterns. Watch their patterns and try to avoid where they eat, and you’ll be homefree! 🙂

Wherever you pick up a puffle, the spot that they were in is a save spot. For example, you save one puffle then save another. If you go back to the spot where the first puffle was saved, your progress is saved thus far. Meaning, if you fall in the water, you won’t go back to where you picked up the second puffle.

Let’s skip level two for now and go to level 3. This is an underwater theme, and you have to save a black puffle from a bubble cage. Quickly swim across the open water to land. If you stay out in the sea too long, you’ll sink.

*BEWARE of the octopuses!! They may look cute and cuddly, but they give quite a shock! Stear clear of them!

Okay, fans. Sometimes the puffles are really high up and you can’t reach them. Thats where the fans come in use. They propel you high enough to swim quickly to the black puffles and sometimes back. Remember: Fans are your friends.

Another friend of yours is the bubble. They appear in some levels and when you’re crossing a long distance, they can help you stay air, or in this case, waterborne for a short time, although they’re not as effective as the fan..

In the levels with very little to no land and many bubbles rising, the puffles aren’t located on land, but in floating bubbles. It makes finding them slightly harder, but more fun and treacherous to get >u<

*Ah! Speaking of staying afloat and puffles, the more puffles you have with you, the bigger chance of sinking or slipping. So when you have a lot of puffles, (I think the limit’s three?) be quick and careful about your path. BUT! You can drop off puffles at the start at ANY time. Some penguins do this to lighten their load.
NOW! Onto the strange letter on the door. If you’re a member, start the 3rd level. After you get the black puffle, the giant squid, yes that’s right, the giant squid will suddenly appear from the bottom of the screen! :O The note says to follow it, so.. do so!
It’s pretty hard since you have a long distance to travel with no land, but a few bubbles are there to help you. unfortunately, if you sink you have to start over. 😦 *Don’t let the squid get too far ahead. He speeds up a bit.
*is working on it right now*
*five minutes later* YES! Finally! I found my way to this trench FAR away from the beginning.
Travel through it, you can use the blue ledges to stay afloat, and, huh? An underwater stairwell? Or a trap?
…Nope! Congratulations! You’ve found your way into the Underwater Pass! Claim the key pin as your reward.
Yup. sorry 😉 I guess since it was only a game you earned both coins AND a pin? ^^;
I’ll get to the 2nd level later after my homework. 🙂
Ha! Well, until next time,
Waddle or Swim and Save Some Puffles!

Puffle Rescue Game Sneak Peek!

Billybob has another sneak peek of the upcoming game tomorrow! Look’s cool! 😀

Puffle Rescue launches March 15th and the island’s getting ready to rescue! I wanted to give you another sneak peek into what the new game has in store for you. Here’s a screenshot from some of the levels…


What do you think?

In other news, the Penguin Play Awards begin this Thursday! Lots of you have been getting ready for the big event at the Stage. Be sure to vote at the booth for your favorite play – and have your say on which one returns to the Plaza in April.

I’m going to try and get up early tomorrow to update. Let’s just hope that there’s something to update! 🙂

Until next time,
Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Member Party!

*is dancing* The member party started and it rocks! I can’t stop myself from dancing!! If you’re a member you can check it out!

You can pick up a boom box so you can boogie on down and break dance!


Check out the three newly decorated rooms! I think the Dance Club looks the best!!


Here’s the Lounge…


And the Rooftop!!


The new Dance Challenge game has been released too! Candece shows you how to play the game and gives you options of what level and music you want! It’s awesome!


I’ll put up a guide on tips for playing the game in a while. Right now, I got to stop myself from DANCING! *dances*

Until next time,

Dance on and discover your dance style!