July Better Igloos Catalog Secrets! *Updated*

Hey everyone! Was anyone else having problems with WordPress today, or was it just me? When I tried to make a new post and try to type something in the description box, nothing showed up.
I’m using ScribeFire right now. It’s a blogging add-on for your internet browser that can come in handy when a meltdown from wordpress happens.

Right! Sorry for the distraction, here’s the latest better igloos catalog secrets!

This month’s catalog is completely geared towards music, so you can rock the Music Jam, and your igloo, louder!
Click on the bottom part of the speaker for the Quarter Note!

Click on the DJ table records for the Drum Set!

Click on the Disco Ball tile for the Guitar Stand

Update: Thanks to Mini Pengy18 for letting me know I missed a secret!

Click on the word Disco for the Lanterns!

Click on the  bottom of the Eighth Note for the Music Stand. Why is it over there I wonder? <—

Click on the knob on top of the clothing rack for the HD TV.

Click on the little ”window” in the stone wall for the Mermaid Vanity.

Click on the third circle ”window” for the Bamboo Torch!

Click on the blue flower for the Fiscus Plant

Click on the leaf for the Poodle Plant!

Click on the throne top for the snake grass!

Click on the fish on the banner for the Tiki Torch.

That’s it for the furniture catalog secrets! I wonder why there’s no Igloo Upgrades catalog though…
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Community Page Updates!

Summer is flying by so fast, why it’s already July! Check out the new things on the Community Page!
Some pretty cool Fan Art and Penguins Around the World Photos. 😀

A featured igloo… Themed for a school? And.. a rec room maybe?

A Penguin Poll on instuments… Violin is still my favorite, but guitars are awesome too!

And a new coloring page with the Penguin Band!

You can download/print (with parent’s permission) the coloring page here.
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

July Penguin Style Catalog!

This month’s clothing catalog is jam-packed for the Music Jam! (No pun intended XD)

An old-time classic, the 3D glasses, are finally available for the public of 2010! Yay!

If you click on one of the pegs, you’ll get the Supernova Suit. Uh oh, does this mean what I think it does?

Click on the other for the Rocker wig. I was right! Elvis penguin time!

Click on the speaker button for the Blue Sunglasses.

Whoo! A Purple Electic Bass! Just my color!

Click on the Piano for the Red Sunglasses!

Click on the eyes of the Tiki Mask for the Trombone!

Ah, good old times when items were hidden on penguins. Click on his beak for an entire outfit!

Click on the lowest bubble for the Viking Helmet. Click on it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet!

Click on the grapes for the duchess outfit!

Click on the golden embroidering for the “Rapunzel” outfit.

Click on the stone for the Green Hooded Cloak!

There are two new backgrounds and two returning ones!

That’s pretty wicked awesome if you ask me. I’m going to get dressed for the Music Jam! I can’t wait!

Until next time, Waddle on and rock on!


What’s New in July!

Check it out! Club Penguin’s got a sneak peek for what’s coming in July!
Hello Penguins!

Lots of you are asking what’s coming up! Here are some of the things you’ll see in July:

june 30th - month in advance2.jpg

I can’t say too much just yet, but brand new features are on their way…

In other news, check out the new items at the Gift Shop today –
and then head to the Iceberg to see the fireworks! As always, we want
to hear what you’re doing, so let us know.

Wait a second! It’s Wendnesday! How can the catalog be out already? How strange. Oh well, I’d better get to updating for that!