Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #23 Guide!

Hey everyone! The field-op is a little late this week, but it’s finally here! Head to HQ for further orders!

Oh no! (I’m still wondering who these enemies are..) No time to worry about who’s doing that now! We’ve gotta fix that system!
Spoilers below!
Check out the “phoning booth” in the Everyday Phoning Facility!

Location found! Click on your spy phone to engage the virus/lockout program!

Another job well done, another metal earned!

Who do you think our enemies are? Herbert? Klutzy? That grumpy coffee waiter I met the other day? Oh wait, wrong person. 😆
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Club Penguin Mission 11: The Veggie Villain Walkthough

Hey yall! Sorry for the late post, I had afterschool rehearsal for Chorus. Tomorrow is our last concert of the year!

Oh dear, I’m getting off topic again! Forgetting that momentarily, the new mission has been released!!!!! I’ve done it three times already, and I’ll say, I’m VERY, VERY impressed. It was really good!! And the ending was very… unexpected.

Don’t let me ruin anything! Here’s the video guide!

What do you think? Was the mission worth the wait? Comment and vote below!

Mission 11 Sneak Peek and Release Date!

Yes! Finally the Club Penguin Team has issued the date that the mission will come out! Not the EXACT date, but an estimate of at the end of May 😀 May is going to be quite the busy month for me. I hope I’ll have time to put the guide up on YouTube. :O

April is coming to a close, and a new month with new events and surprises is coming up. One of the biggest upcoming events is the long-awaited release of the new mission!

We’ve heard from a lot of Secret Agents who have been patiently waiting to hear what Herbert’s been up to. I can’t give too much away (since it’s classified info), but I can confirm that Herbert’s been plotting something BIG…


The new mission launches at the end of May. The team recommends that agents go through past missions to prepare their skills.

They also suggest that anyone who isn’t an agent to consider joining the PSA. You won’t want to miss this.

Do you have any other suggestions on how agents can prepare? Let us know!

Until then… Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready, and waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

EEEEEEP! Sorry, I get really excited easily. But what really shocks me is that Herbert’s in widescreen in front of penguins. I never thought he’d get that gutsy!!! What’s he planning? Is it even him at all? And what does he mean a ‘very special show’?? Comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time,

Quote on quote., “Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready, and waddle on!”

Agent  Bubblegum423

*Herbert Spotted!!* CPT Issue #232: April Fools Day

Well this CPT has quite a few surprises! Not that I’m surprised, it’s April Fools!

GRUBBBB!!! XD Enjoy the party while you can, it ends on the 4th! Sunday if I’m not mistaken!

The Penguin Play Awards have picked their winner! Congrats to the… Quest for the Golden Puffle. Again. O_O It must be really popular.

I wasn’t joking when I said Herbert was spotted. This is no April Fools prank! Check the newspaper; In Focus! No doubt that it’s Herbert in that suit! What? Need MORE proof? Okay, just read every tip and word out of this, ‘Yeti Penguin’s’ mouth. He mentions almost every incident that happened in the missions!

His tips sound just like something he’d say. What more proof do you need?

Klutzy.. knocking the water over..

Vegetarian Pizza..

Paws? Seriously?

I wonder if Billybob will post anything about this, or if the PSA knows. If they did, wouldn’t they leave us a message in the newspaper? I didn’t see anything…

What do you think Herbert’s up to? Comment below and let me know!

Oh dearie me, forgive me, I got carried away with the whole Herbert issue. Let’s get to the rest of the newspaper. This week, Sensei has his own events list! XD

…But let’s look at the REAL events.


Waddle off and have a kooky April Fools!