Card-Jitsu Water + New Stamps! **(Guide on Card-Jitsu Water page!)

NEW: Card-Jitsu Water Guide!!

Card-Jitsu Water is finally here! Head on over to the Dojo Hideout! But on your way there, take a look at the Dojo Courtyard, which is decorated in celebration of finishing the Water Dojo! Hehe, you can still see the storm cloud.

Click on the water tablet to open the passage to the Water Dojo, which is under the stairs!

Check out the completed Water Dojo! Isn’t it awesome? Definitely different than those fake sneak peeks people made before it came out. 8)

If you’re ready to start your training, go on over to Sensei, who’s under the Card-Jitsu Water sign. When you arrive, he’ll say something like this.

Just like in Card-Jitsu Fire, he’ll give you a new deck of cards to add to your collection.

If you click on Sensei’s amulet, water suit, or the rocks near him, he’ll ask if you want to know about them. They’re small, interesting stories.
Click on “Earn Your Water Suit” if you want to begin training, or you can read the instructions!

Those are the basics of the game. I’ll have a COMPLETE guide on it on the Card-Jitsu Water page, so PLEASE check it out when it’s ready.
There’s also a ton of new stamps to check out! Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water.. they’re all there!

All and all, Card-Jitsu Water is going to be amazing. Please look at the guide when it’s finished 🙂
Until next time, Waddle on and earn your water suit!

Club Penguin Times Issue #267: Card-Jitsu Water

Hello everyone! I’ll be getting to Card-Jitsu Water in a moment, but first I thought I would post about the Club Penguin Times!

You can begin your Water Ninja training now!

Thanks to everyone who helped, the Water Dojo is open and looking great!

News Flash! New party stamps will be around for a short time!

Finally, upcoming events!


Disney Homepage Supports Card-Jitsu Fire

Check it out! has changed their layout and are supporting Card-Jitsu Fire! 😀

How cool! They also have the Card-Jitsu Fire video on the site!

Until the next update,
Waddle on and discover new adventures!

New Ninja Fire Suit Dance!

Cool! Check it out! If you’re a full fledged fire ninja, put on the outfit and dance! You can conjure up fire! 😀 How cool is that?

Also, I don’t know if this is old or new, since I never wore the entire outfit, but if you wave you can conjure a flame and vanish behind it! It’s like the cloud wave bracers only with fire!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Club Penguin Times, Sports Catalog and Snow Maze

Sorry I missed yesterday’s newspaper. We had to leave early for Thanksgiving. But there’s a lot to do today. The newspaper is bursting of stuff to come! Who knew that for once it would be this way?

The recent “chill” on the island has gotten the island excited. To celebrate winter’s coming, the Ski Village is hosting a Snow Maze for members!

Coins for Change will be coming back on Dec. 10th! Get your bells out and get ready to help!

There are a lot of things going on today, but what about everything else?

OKAY! Putting yesterday aside, now for today’s news!  The snow maze has started, but before you go, take a lift up to the Ski Hill. There’s a free blue touge there, and a new sledding catalog!

Pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the snow maze! Head back down to the Ski Village and jump into the maze! If you want to cheat or are really lost, there’s a stand besides the maze entrance that shows you the right way to go! Just click on it and the red button and this map appears.

Take a few twists and turns.. uhm.. wait was it this way? No this way. Ah! Here we are! The end of the maze!

Go inside the strange cave with strange *hint* footprints outside and pick up a Yeti outfit!

…….I feel like this was planned… *murmur murmur* Oh! Sorry. Ignore me. =^_^=”‘

After you leave the maze, go to the sport shop. There’s a new catalog for you to look at. I really think the green team is becoming popular..

Uh yeah…

Anyways, there’s only three secrets in this one. The green hockey outfit, hidden in the cheering green penguin, the green goaly outfit, hidden in another cheering green penguin, and the white pom-poms, hidden in the word, “ice”.

Is there anything I’m forgetting… Oh! Yes! On the walls of the Fire Dojo are now instructions and the legend, like in the regular dojo.

And another thing Club Penguin forgot to announce! We have new music in our igloos! 😀

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!