New Password Warning Message and Pin!

Check it out! There’s a new password warning when you click Remember My Password.

Whether or not you click yes or no, it’ll show the same message.

Hehehe.. I know it’s a serious matter, but their expressions are funny 😆
There’s also a new Card-Jitsu Water pin at the Ice Berg!

Cool huh?
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

New Pin and Cloudy Weather!

Yay for new pins, and I guess the cloudy weather. 😐
The new pin, which is a water spout, it at the Beach near the water!

Part of me says, “Ick!” to the weather. The other part of me says, “WHOO RAIN’S COMING!”
Well, in any case, you can go anywhere on the island, even OFF the island and you’ll see cloudy skies.
Ice Berg


Man.. Those clouds look pretty dark. I wonder when it’ll rain! That’s right, I believe it’ll rain, although logically that’s impossible. 🙂
When/do you think it’ll rain? (Okay.. I just confused myself writing that. :lol:)
Until next time, Try not to get rained on! 😀

Carrot Pin!

That’s right, the newest pin is a carrot! You can pick it up in the Night Club next to the speaker ladder!

Teehee, it’s a pretty small carrot!