New Holiday Postcards!

Whoops! Looks like I missed something! There’s new postcards that you can send to your friends as a winter greeting!

Cool! They’re all new this year! My favorite is the Season’s Greetings one! What about you?

Club Penguin Times Issue #268: Festive Fashion!

Hey everyone! Things were released late this week, so I’m bringing you the newspaper and catalog today!
News Flash!

Ah right! I forgot, the EPF has a new postcard layout!

The new clothing catalog is full of Christmas clothes for you to wear! Santa hats anybody?

The Deck the Halls Igloo Contest will be starting soon! Get your igloos ready! 😀

Upcoming events!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

New Postcards!

There’s some new postcards for you to send to your friends!

Yes! Greeting postcards have returned! I had no way of saying “hi, lets hang out” to my friends by postcard the last month or so.

Whoops, gotta get to bed now. See you all later!