Cart Surfer Stamps!

Whoo hoo! Time to collect more stamps, because starting today, your black puffles can officially play Cart Surfer with you!

Oct. 5 Blog Image.jpg

(Picture from the Community Blog)

There are — stamps for you to collect! Some are harder than others, so be warned. But I know,all of you can do it! Good luck!

Your puffle does some cool things when you do a trick and looks funny when you crash! Look! Ooh, that had to hurt!

What was the hardest Cart Surfer stamp for you to obtain (get)? Mine would have to’ve been the 20 flips stamp. That took me a while to get, lol.

Until next time, Waddle on and game on!


Club Penguin Times Issue #258: Game on!

Hey everyone, to restart my blog updates, here’s the latest newspaper you can read!

The four teams are getting ready to compete! GO BLUE! Which team are you on?

Check it out! It looks like the black puffles are going to be able to play Cart Surfing with us soon! Won’t that be fun?

Finally, events. I think the black puffles are going to be able to play with us on the 5th, when the new stamps are released!

What are you most looking forward to? Let me know below!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Club Penguin Times Issue #254: Preparations for the Fall Fair!

Afternoon everyone, a new newspaper’s been released! Check out the latest news!

The Fall Fair will be starting next Thursday, so get ready!

Something different is coming today for your igloos! I’m not quite sure what, but maybe the feature to save a previous igloo if you change to a new one?

Onto events! Goodness, it’s almost September already? Time’s flying like, like… pie! lol I dunno.


Rockhopper's Return!

Rockhopper has returned! Although I have not spotted him n the island yet, I do know he’s hanging out somewhere. In the meanwhile, we can take a look at what he’s brought! Head down to the Ship Hold on the Migrator to see his rare items!

Aww! The Squid Lid is SOO cute! I wonder where he picked it up!

Head to the Captain’s Quarters if you want to play Treasure Hunt, or simply to check out his notice board!

Cool huh? I’ll be sure to let you know if I find Rockhopper hanging around, but until next time,
Waddle on and find Rockhopper!