Coins for Change Results + Ruby and the Ruby

The results of Coins for Change is on the bullion at the Beach! Check how much we all donated! 12,261,193,800 coins! 😮 Fish sticks that’s over… 12 billion coins, correct?

How many coins did you donate? I had a lot so I donated… *finds piece of paper* 105,600 coins on two accounts total. 🙂 Oh how broke I am now 😆
Ruby and the Ruby’s back! Yay for my favorite stage! I really think they should make a sequel to it. Anyways, the guide to finding the ruby is below. Or you can rely on the script!

Same old in the catalog. Click the doorknob for the Dark Detective Coat and pull down the very back for a hidden background!

What do you guys think about a sequel to Ruby and the Ruby?

Ruby and the Ruby Returns!

Still to this day, Ruby and the Ruby remains one of my favorite stages 🙂 I’m happy it’s back, although maybe a new plot would be asked for…

You can obtain the ruby ring pin by following these steps. (Hint: The script will hint you on what items to click) (Click to expand. Follow the numbers in order)

You’ll receive the Ruby Ring pin! It’s pretty :3

For the catalog secrets, open the stage catalog under the script!

Click the doorknob for the dark detective coat. Snazzy, eh?

Drag down the back to recieve a hidden background!

Enjoy the stage while it’s here! Hopefully next year it’ll win the Penguin Play Awards! 😀

Until next time, Waddle on and do some sleuthing!


New Stage and Two Pins

Aha! I was right about the stage! It’s a mystery scene!

There are two pins and two backgrounds! The magnifying glass is at the dock

And the Ruby is hidden at the stage. It’s a tricky one to find, but it’s possible!

First click on the file desk (below the globe)

Then click on the trash can, then the lobby guest book and lamp next to it.

After that, click on the flower vase closest to the trash can.

Then click on the picture hanging on the wall on the right and a vault will appear. Open it up and you found the ruby!

In the stage catalog there’s a non-member background and in the back of the catalog.. is another one!

Drag down the “How do I get coins” sigh to reveal the background! 😀

And a new poll and featured igloo has come out on the Community Page!

I voted for searching for secrets cause I do!