Sensei's Water Scavenger Hunt!

Just like with the fire dojo, Sensei’s sending us on a scavenger hunt, though this time it’s for water items!
Click on the bucket at the top right corner to get started. The first item is at the Stadium!

The second’s at the Coffee Shop,

the third’s at the Pet Shop,

the fourth’s at the Cove,

the fifth’s in the Book Room,

the sixth’s in the Dance Lounge,

the seventh’s at the Beach,

and finally, the eighth’s at the Dojo Courtyard!

After all you’re work, you’ll receive a cool background!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Scavenger Hunt Locations!

The Adventure Party is awesome! And there’s even a scavenger hunt! Here are the locations of all eight boats if you’re having a hard time finding them!

1. Forest near chat bar.

2. Above the Lighthouse door.

3. Snow Forts; bushes near path to Town.

4. Hidden Lake underground; above sign.

5. Plaza; behind puffle’s bandana.

6. Town; Tiki cup near Coffee Shop.

7. Ski Village; behind puffle sign.

8. Ice Berg; In leaning palm tree.

The boats are all crumpled up pieces of a big map! Your job is to put it together!

After you reassemble the map, this message will pop up.

If you click Claim Prize, you’ll receive a Treasure Cove background. Matches the X spot right?

If you go drill at the Cove where the big X is, with a hard hat of any color, you’ll receive the Pirate Bandana! (If you don’t have a hard hat, they’re available at the Cave Mine, or where the jackhammer is at the Cove.)

Awesome huh? Did you have fun with the treasure hunt? Do you think the prize was worth it?

Until next time, Waddle on ye scallywags!


Halloween Party 2009!

Forgive me for being late! I had a mandatory Chorus rehearsal that lasted still 5:30. But now I can post.

The Halloween party is absolutely SICK! It’s awesome! The scavenger hunt is cool too, and you get a nice pumpkin background!

All the steps for the hunt are here. First can be found in the Attic, second at the Dock, third at Pet Shop, forth at the Cove, fifth at the Pool, sixth at the Football Statium, seventh in the Forest behind the bush and eighth in the Mine, right hand corner.









When you collect them all you get a sweet pumpkin background! (Which I was too lazy to take a picture of :P)

If you go to the Mine, there’s a secret passageway. I’ll give you a hint instead of telling you. 😉

Click on what lights the room up.

That’s all the hint you get 🙂 When you open the passageway, you’ll be in G’s secret laboratory! 😀 There are some new costumes you can buy there! (Sorry! Members only!)


And keep your eyes open. You might even see the famous inventor himself!

The free items, which are the pumpkin headband and pumpkin mask, are located in the Plaza and the upstairs of the Haunted House.


Oh, the Haunted House is for members only too. 😦


The Haunted House is pretty much spooks and fun. That’s it. I think. No wait, no more thing. On the Fun Activities page, there are some new things you can do!


OKay, NOW I’m done. Enjoy Halloween! Until next time,
Waddle on and have a spoookie Halloween!
Wizard Bubblegum423

Halloween Bash!

Muwahaha! Halloween is in Club Penguin, filling the air! So check out the scavenger hunt! *thunder booms* Aaaaaaaah!

Candy 1 is at the Snow Forts in the blue flag

Candy 2 is in the Dance Lounge hidden in the light

Candy 3 is located in the Attic in the blue box

Candy 4 is in the burning cauldron in the Plaza

Candy 5 is at the Cove. You have to click the sign for it to appear

Candy 6 is located at the Ice Berg, connect the dots to get the candy

Candy 7 is in the beacon light. It’s a little trickier to get, you have to wait for it to lightning 3 times for it to appear.

Candy 8 is in the book on top of the bookshelf in the book room (Whew! Tongue twister!)

Once you collect them all, you will get the great pumpkin background!!

The pumpkin baskets are at the Snow Forts also. It’s a returning item, but oh well.

In the book room there’s a candle you can push and it leads down to the scientist’s evil lair! There you can collect the lantern! Unfortunletly, you must own the rad scientist costume to enter..

There’s a new comic and some fan art on the Community page!

Let me know which party was the best one!