Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #27 Guide!

New Field-Op! Head to HQ!

Strange tire tracks? We don’t have almost any vehicles on the island! What do you think it was?
Spoilers Below!
Okay, you’ll want to go to the Ski Village, and the place you want to look is behind the Tours stand.

Location found! Time to crack the code!

There’s another badge for ya! Hopefully soon we’ll find out who’s behind all this mischief.. I still think it’s Herbert..
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Holiday Party Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone! Billybob has a sneak peek for us!
Hello Penguins! 

There’s only a few days left until the Holiday Party! We’ve got some new surprises planned for this year. Take a look: 
Some of your favorite rooms and activities will be returning too. 
What do you think? Let us know in the comments! 
Awesome! I wonder if there’ll be any secret rooms!

Thanks for Voting!

Hey everyone! Check it out, Club Penguin won an award! 😀
Hello Penguins!

This week we’ve been talking about giving… And on the subject of great gifts, we wanted to say a big thank you for a gift you gave us!
You awarded Club Penguin the Kid’s Vote for best website in the BAFTA awards. For those of you who don’t know, BAFTA stands for – British Academy of Film and Television Awards – it’s a really big deal in the UK!
So a HUGE thanks to all of you who voted. It means a lot to us!
Wow! I’ve never even heard of the BAFTA! If I’d known, I would’ve voted too!

New Holiday Postcards!

Whoops! Looks like I missed something! There’s new postcards that you can send to your friends as a winter greeting!

Cool! They’re all new this year! My favorite is the Season’s Greetings one! What about you?

Christmas Party/Coins for Change Preparations + Rockhopper's Ship

Not many preparations as of right now, but if you check out the Town and Beach, there are several boxes and..pipes?

Hey look! They’re from Rockhopper! He even left a note about them!

Check through the telescope at the Beacon! Here he comes!

I can’t wait until Rockhopper comes! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Do you have his new background yet?
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

December Better Igloos Catalog Secrets + New Music!

Check out the new December furniture catalog!

Click on the Coins for Change sign for the Holiday Lights!

Click the star on top of the tree for the Holiday Bells!

Click on the lantern for the Leaning Charlie Brown Tree!

Click on the wood stove for the Icicle Lights!

Click on the bird for the Iron Lamp Post!

Click on the top of the iron chandelier for the Knight Ice Sculpture!

Click on the grandfather clock’s, um.. what’s that called? A pendulum I think. Well, click it for the mirror!

Click on the bottom of the puffle statue for the HD TV!

Click on the beads for the Pipe Organ!

Click on the O for the Cauldron!

Click on the orb for the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out!

Click on the mouse for the Umbrella Table!

That’s all for the catalog! There’s some cool new Christmas music you can use in your igloo too!

What was your favorite item in the catalog? What about favorite song?
Until next time, Waddle on and decorate away!

Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #25 Guide

New field-op this week! I’m really being to suspect Herbert’s behind this.

Spoilers below!
If you go to the Plaza, the Ticket Booth is the booth to go to!

Location found! Recharge the system!!

You’ve earned another badge!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!