Card-Jitsu Water + New Stamps! **(Guide on Card-Jitsu Water page!)

NEW: Card-Jitsu Water Guide!!

Card-Jitsu Water is finally here! Head on over to the Dojo Hideout! But on your way there, take a look at the Dojo Courtyard, which is decorated in celebration of finishing the Water Dojo! Hehe, you can still see the storm cloud.

Click on the water tablet to open the passage to the Water Dojo, which is under the stairs!

Check out the completed Water Dojo! Isn’t it awesome? Definitely different than those fake sneak peeks people made before it came out. 8)

If you’re ready to start your training, go on over to Sensei, who’s under the Card-Jitsu Water sign. When you arrive, he’ll say something like this.

Just like in Card-Jitsu Fire, he’ll give you a new deck of cards to add to your collection.

If you click on Sensei’s amulet, water suit, or the rocks near him, he’ll ask if you want to know about them. They’re small, interesting stories.
Click on “Earn Your Water Suit” if you want to begin training, or you can read the instructions!

Those are the basics of the game. I’ll have a COMPLETE guide on it on the Card-Jitsu Water page, so PLEASE check it out when it’s ready.
There’s also a ton of new stamps to check out! Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water.. they’re all there!

All and all, Card-Jitsu Water is going to be amazing. Please look at the guide when it’s finished 🙂
Until next time, Waddle on and earn your water suit!

Water ALL over the island+ Water Dojo!

Well, I guess I was wrong when I thought the only thing I’d be updating about today would be the field-op!
The entire island has tons of water around it, which is all being pumped to the new water dojo! (At least that’s my guess) You can help at two (correction, three) stations by throwing snowballs into the container.

Check out the water! There’s also a free item you can pick up at the Snow Forts!

Pool and Mine

Coin Mine and Underground Room (Can’t remember their real names)
How has Gary’s invention and the computer NOT shorted out yet from the water?

Check out the Dojo Courtyard too! The video for Card-Jitsu Water has taken Card-Jitsu Fires’ place! Plus you can see the storm clouds in the background!

Check out the Dojo too!

Hey.. hang on, what’s that large gap under the used-to-be stairs? *goes to check*
…Oh fish sticks.

It’s the water dojo, no way! How awesome is that!! Oh.. urp.. getting a little seasick.. Is this place rocking back and forth or is it just me?
Once you’ve explored all the decorated rooms, you’ll earn a stamp! There are two new ones you can earn.

What do you think of the water dojo? Was it what you expected or not? Leave a comment below!
Until next time… WATER BALLOON FIGHT!

Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party!

HORRAY! Three cheers for Club Penguin! Hip hip HORRAY! Hip hip HORRAY! Hip hip HORRAY!

The 5th anniversary party has started!! Club Penguin’s now 5 years old! How cool is that?!

The year 5 hat is located in the present box! Be sure to pick it up as a memoire!

Time to blow out the candles on the cake! Hey look, I got a stamp!

The new yearbook is also upstairs!

Aww, what a cute front cover!

Check out something cool I found. Go to the page where the phoning booth came out. Click on the spy phone, then the first three letters of Everyday Phoning Booth.

Cool! An invite from the EPF!

That’s it for the anniversary party! Happy Birthday Club Penguin! 😀

Until next time, party on!


Cart Surfer Stamps!

Whoo hoo! Time to collect more stamps, because starting today, your black puffles can officially play Cart Surfer with you!

Oct. 5 Blog Image.jpg

(Picture from the Community Blog)

There are — stamps for you to collect! Some are harder than others, so be warned. But I know,all of you can do it! Good luck!

Your puffle does some cool things when you do a trick and looks funny when you crash! Look! Ooh, that had to hurt!

What was the hardest Cart Surfer stamp for you to obtain (get)? Mine would have to’ve been the 20 flips stamp. That took me a while to get, lol.

Until next time, Waddle on and game on!


Club Penguin Times Issue #251: Stamp Book Style!

Morning, or in some people’s’ cases, evening/afternoon. 😛 Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another newspaper!

The first article is about the penguins around the island trying to collect all the stamps! Show the stamps buddy!

The mountain climb is due to start August 13th, which makes me really excited! Penguins say they’ve seen something unusual on the mountain, but couldn’t fly high enough to figure out what it was!

In preparation for that journey, there’s going to be some warm outfits for sale in the Gift Shop today!

Onto events, lots of stuff planned for the 20th of August!

So what do you think the explorers found? Let me know in your comments below!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Club Penguin Times Issue #250!!: Stamps and the 250th Issue of the CPT!

Wow! 250 issues already? Time sure flies!! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

How many stamps have you collected so far? Have you been able to collect them all?

New at the Stamps and not sure how to edit your stamp book? Well there’s a helpful little guide for you in the newspaper!

Aunt Arctic has a special article in celebration of the 250th issue of the Club Penguin Times!

And finally for all the events next week, which also is my friend’s birthday!

Whoa, *points to Mountain Expedition* Does that mean what I THINK it means? Could that be where the Card Jitsu will take place? Does this mean that snow is next? What do you think? Let me know below!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!