Card-Jitsu Water Video!

The announcement for Card-Jitsu Water has been made! The Club Penguin Team has a whole epic video on it! Check it out below!

Watch it at the link here! Sorry, but since it kept on autoplaying, I was unable to keep it on the site.

Card-Jitsu Water Proof!

Water Jitsu’s coming, I just know it! There are two three new facts that prove it’s coming soon!
One, If you haven’t seen it already, you should know it’s raining on Club Penguin! 😮 First rainstorm in CP history! Not to mention Sensei had a word or two about it.

Two, if you go to the Ninja Hideout, there’s a huge puddle covering the water symbol on the ground! If that isn’t proof, than I’m not a penguin.

And three, there’s new igloo music that hasn’t been played before, at least not to my understanding! (Master the Elements)

What proof do you have that Card-Jitsu Water’s coming out soon?
Until next time, finish earning your fire suit!

Club Penguin Times Issue #265: Unexpected Rain Shower!

Hey everyone! It’s raining on Club Penguin, wouldn’t you believe it! It’s sure causing quite a stir!

Sensei sure seems keen about the storm, although his words somewhat don’t make sense..

I know he’s talking about Card-Jitsu Water, but couldn’t he have used a better choice of words? *shrugs* Oh well, you know Sensei.
Starting next week, the newspaper will change drastically. I don’t know quite how, but according to Aunt Arctic, it’ll be printed on a longer page. I’m guessing one big page that unwinds.

Finally events!

Have you found any proof pointing to Card-Jitsu Water? Where do you think the dojo will be? Comment below and let me know!
Until next time, Waddle on-I mean, splash on! 😆