About Bubblegum423

Info About Me!

Penguin Name: Bubblegum423

Gender: Female!

Some of my Buddies on Club Penguin: Dinoboyzach2, Mindy1315, Sassy2me20, Shellyi67, T0ch (Who deleted me! 😦 ), Tweek Blue, Clock3421, Firedude5, The Apache22, Waddlguin2 (The original Waddlguin), Wilburs Pal (I haven’t updated this list in a long time lol)

People on Club Penguin that I know in real life: Dinoboyzach2, Sassy2me20, Mindy1315, Chewy423, Abyt1, Tweek Blue, Spongebob181, Gum08

Penguin’s Birthday: October 24, 2006

Real Birthday: May 13

Age: 15

Hobbies: Club Penguin, computer, playing with friends, listening to club penguin music, reading, animating.

Favorite Colors:Β  Purple, Blue, Black

Favorite Food: PIZZA!!!

Favorite Animal: Cat or Penguin!

Favorite Book series: Warriors of the Forest, The Seven Sleepers Series

Favorite Movie: Transformers!/TMNT (2007)

Favorite Website: Club Penguin of course!! πŸ˜€

Season: Fall

Music: Ambient

Favorite Hangout: Pizza Parlor, HQ, Dojo Roof, Somewhere else..

Favorite Famous Penguin: Gary the Gadget Guy

Servers I go on most: Frozen, Chinook

Hobbies on Club Penguin: Solving mysteries, twarting robbers and Ninja gangs, Dancing

Favorite Mission: Questions for a Crab

Saying: “Oh Fish Sticks!”

Favorite Club Penguin music: Jetpack Adventure, Music Jam 08 Ice Rink, Water Party Dance Club or Halloween Party from 2006

Email: bubblegum423blog@gmail.com

Why I’m Still Blogging? I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN! πŸ˜€

104 responses to “About Bubblegum423

  1. how do i get into the psa files?
    Its a password protected page. Hint: The password is 3 letters long, all in caps. It’s a pretty easy password. πŸ˜‰

  2. I often say this “Hmmmmm” I say it when Im bored. I am also the same age as you!
    I like transformers, its all right…but my favorite famous penguin was Watex/ Fever. There was NOONE like him. I got my inspiration from him.

  3. Hey Bubblegume its me Firedude, Heres my name for the Pokemon Platinum you said,

    Name: Daniel

    Friend code: 3824 4798 4302
    Hey Firedude! Here’s mine!
    Name: Lexi

    Code:2192 3533 8227


  4. Hey are you coming to my friends party? His name for Clubpenguin is Pat97pat in Clubpenguin TV for celebrating the new author.

    Hmm! I didn’t hear about ti! I might..


  5. Hey bubblegum! I need help with my blog, I can’t get the “Click here to play clubpenguin” thing on my blog, you know my login.. So could you help? Also could you help with getting polls on the side, who’s reading and the hits… I couldn’t figure it out, i tried for awhile..

    Waddle on!

  6. HAPPY LATE B DAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ! MY FAVE BOOK SERIES IS WARRIOR CATS!!!!!!!!! FIRESTAR NEEDZ TO DIE!!!!!! (probably not ur fave book series though!!!!)

  7. ok i just didn’t know what spamming was i’ll stop OVER commenting. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!! you couldn’t do better. it dosn’t over load my computer like other SUPER LOADED ONES. but it ras a reasonable amout of pictures!

  8. so u like warriors? like windclan, shadowclan, thunderclan, and riverclan that kind of warriors right and the cats fight. if that’s it than that’s my fave books too!

  9. my favorate is skyclan and then next for me would be riverclan because i just LOVE water πŸ™‚

  10. beacuse my brothers really mean and i just wanted to know if it’s usual for older brothers going through puberty…

  11. hey is transformers still your fave? You should see iron man 2 it’s a really good movie

  12. ok but u gotta!!! i’m over stressed!!!! 😦 but also my mom said it’s not normal for brothers to act like this! hmmmmmm what to do about what to do about it

  13. No one goes to my site πŸ˜₯ 😦 :*( 😦 well a few people do but there’s not alot 😦 *sigh*

    Should i quit? 😦

  14. Don’t think many people will come immmediately. It takes time. I’ve been blogging for several years and only about last year did I more people start really watching my blog. If you’re commited to it, people should come. You can also go post your link on their blog numerous times. Just don’t overspam them πŸ˜‰ It’s fully up to you whether or not to quit

  15. he hates water even worse than normal cats but i’m ok

    never see oklahoma the movie it’s… bad

  16. boring hmmmmmmmmmm well older ppl would like it it’s just about a girl doing random stuff. *falls asleep*

  17. um this is my last time on the blog 😦 it’s overloaded our comp i gave my fdriend your link both of em and yours lizza maybe i’ll get on at her house

  18. Bubblegum I’n coming to your party!!!
    But please when I come send me a postcard!!
    Please reply!

  19. b

  20. wow wicked cool cold sick awesome BUT im only 8!!!!! and u r waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy older than me!!!!!!! see ya

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