Herbert’s Revenge (DS)

Do you have Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge for DS, but are having trouble with it? Here are all 10 missions in a bag for you!

Mission 1: The Elite Penguin Force

1. The Director will call and warp you to the EPF HQ.
2. Talk to Dot. The Director will come onscreen. Say yes that you’ll join the EPF.
3. PH (Puffle Handler) will tell you the first test and give you the puffle whistle. Go to the door with the red and blue puffles on it.
4. Call Blast (Red puffle) with the whistle and break open the two crates in the room.
5. Use Bouncer (Blue puffle) to throw snowballs at the targets.
6. Go through the door with the lights on it and PH will announce the results, then send you to your next test.
7. Collect the box of items near Dot.
8. Clean the broken jack hammer in the river and put it back together.
9. Click the jack hammer and click on the patch of dirt where the sign is pointing to.
10. Go to the next challenge and combine the rope & hook to make a grappling hook. Use that to climb the cliff.
11. Talk to Rookie, Dot, and the Jet Pack Guy and ask to combine items. You’ll get a pole, a belt, and a jet pack.
12. Combine the pole and jetpack and put the belt on the bars. Put the jetpack pole into the belt and turn it clockwise.
13. Click on the wall and you’ll tell your idea to the group.
14. Put Rookie on top of Dot, Rookie and Dot on top of the Jetpack guy, and carry all three of them yourself.
15. The door will open. Go through and the Director says you passed. You’re now the leader and have passed the first mission!!

You should receive a mining hat and a spider outfit.

Mission 2: Secret of the Fur

1. Talk to the Director. He’ll give you a spy gadget and tell you how to use it.
2. Talk to G and use your wrench to fix the loose bolt.
3. *G will tell you about the snake tokens* Be sure to collect them all! πŸ™‚
4. Click on the machine and you’ll start the mission.
5.Β  Talk to G and he’ll say his Fur Analyzer isn’t working
6. Click on the Fur Analyzer on the desk and use your comb to straighten the fur.
7. Put the bear fur into the Fur Analyzer. It won’t be recognized, but traces of items will be picked up.
8. Go find the three items that are on the Fur Analyzer’s screen. Don’t forget the fan by the Gadget Room door!
9. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the manager. Ask to take some of the bottles for evidence. Takes the hot sauce and the chocolate syrup.
10. Ask the manager about the pizza on the counter. He’ll ask you to take it to the penguin in the Ski Lodge.
11. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the barista. Ask him for a hot chocolate.
12. Click on the coffee machine to fix it. Turn cold to hot, reconnect the Milk to the machine using your wrench, pick up the cup and put it under the Hot Chocolate dispenser, then put the chocolate sauce in and push the red button >:D
13. The barista will thank you for fixing the machine.
14. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up some net outside and rope inside.
15.Β  Go to the Beacon and use the fan to blow the fuel towards you.
16. Use your scissors to cut the fuel down and pick it up.
17. Go to the Ski Lodge, back to the Pond and give the pizza to the penguin fishing.
18. Go back to the Gadget Room and talk to G.
19. Put all the ingredients into the machine next to the Fur Analyzer.
20. Take the goggles and put them on.
20.1. *If you want the snake token, make sure you’re wearing the goggles. Go to the Snow Forts and call Pop (Purple puffle) to lift the snow aside. Pick up the jack hammer and play the game. The snake token will be lying in the snow afterwards.
21. Follow the paw prints to the Ski Lodge. Pick up a candle while you’re there.
22. Go out back to the Pond and you’ll see a shadow. It’ll say it needs a candle.
23. Combine your rope and net together and string it over a tree branch.
24. Put the candle on it.
25. Klutzy will come and fetch the candle, and get stuck in the net. Herbert will run away and leave behind a piece of fur.
26. Pick up Klutzy and the fur and bring them back to G.
27. Give Klutzy to G and put the fur into the analyzer.
28. End mission 2.

You should receive 1 snake token and a pair of goggles.

Mission 3: Questions for a Crab

1. Talk to G and he’ll turn the machine on.
2. Klutzy will escape. Follow him to the Ski Hill and over the edge into the Wilderness.
3. Take the first path Klutzy took, then go forwards where the black puffle is by the stump.
4. Go left and take the first path. Look for the O’ Berries in a bag.
5. Use your scissors to cut down the bag. Pick it up and go back to the black puffle.
6. Feed an O’ berry to the puffle. It’ll start following you around.
6.1. For the snake token, go to the lake and use the pink puffle on the jumping fish.
7. Go right and take the last path to the cave. Klutzy will go inside.
8. Throw an O’ berry in through the pet door. The puffle will open the door for you.
9. A cage will trap you when you go in and Herbert will appear.
10. Herbert will tell you who he is. You can skip his story if you want by the text at the bottom when you talk.
11. Herbert and Klutzy will leave with the chopper.
12. Move right until you see the Cage Lift.
13. Throw an O’ berry on the handle, the tray, and the scale with the weight attached to it.
14. Pick up the rope and anchor and combine them.
15. Move left and pick up the blueprints and hot sauce.
16. Open the door. Snow will fall in your way.
17. Cover an O’ berry with hot sauce and feed it to the black puffle.
18. Head back to the mountain path. Use the grappling hook to get up it. Play the game.
19. Go to the Pizza Parlor and pick up a seaweed pizza.
20. Go to the Pond and put the pizza near Herbert.
21. Move the lever on the chopper.
22. G will come up and get a call on his phone. Herbert will yell at you and hang up.
23. Give G his blueprints back.
24. End mission 3.

You should receive 1 snake token.

Mission 4: Mysterious Tremors

1. Talk to G.
2. Pick up the hat on the ground behind G and the hammer on the wall to the right.
3. Go to the Dock and Herbert will appear in his drill.
4. Herbert’s map will fly away.
5. Pick up the lamp Klutzy left behind and report back to G.
6. Click on the super helium by the door and ask G if you can use it.
7. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the barista. Offer to pick the cookies up. You’ll receive a cookie! Yummy! πŸ˜›
8. Go to the Town and give the hat to the puffle, then feed it the cookie. It’ll fly up and get the map piece for you.
9. Pick up the map and continue to the Snow Forts. Click on the map that gets stuck on the flag. It’ll fly away to the Plaza.
10. Go to the Plaza and talk to the green penguin with the newspaper. If he says which pizza he would like, go to the Pizza Parlor and buy one for him.
11. Bring the pizza back to the penguin and take his newspaper. You’ll get the other piece of the map. Combine them together.
12. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the net outside. Go inside and ask the penguin with the balloons if you can barrow some. Take the box.
13. Talk to the purple penguins guarding the barrels and take one. Be careful not to shake it!
14. Go to the Sports Shop and ask the manager if you can take the tent pegs.
You can do either one of these ways to lift the Gift Shop up. Second choice is below in bold.
15. Go to the Town again and blow up a balloon with the helium. Connect it to the Gift Shop. Use the net to cover the bottom and use the pegs and hammer to hold it firm.
16. Head down into the tunnel in the Dock. Click the lamp to turn it on and pick a path. Play the game.
17. If you haven’t already fixed the Gift Shop, shake up the barrel of cream soda until it blows. Use th net to cover the bottom and use the pegs and hammer to seal it up.
18. Continue through the path.
18.1. For the snake token, scroll over to the drill and call out Chirp (yellow puffle). Have it break the glass on the door and collect the token.
19. Head through the hole that leads to the boiler room and click on Herbert.
20. Herbert will break the boiler on accident and run away.
21. Fix the boiler by moving the pieces around until they connect in a path from the top tube to the boiler.
22. G will call. Go back to HQ and talk with him.
23. End mission 4.

You should receive 1 snake token and a flashlight.

Mission 5: Spy and Seek

1. Talk to G. (Sound familiar? XD)
2. Pick up the three transmitters, the rubber ducky and the blueprints on the wall.
3. Go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the penguins playing Find Four.
4. Help find all the Find Four pieces that are missing. They’re scattered around the Lodge and Attic.
5. In the Attic, pick up the loose string on the ground, under the rug.
6. Go back downstairs and talk to the penguins again.
7. Head to the Forest and pick up the sticks on the ground.
8. Combine the string, sticks and paper to make a kite. Combine that to a transmitter.
9. Go to the Plaza and talks to the penguins in front of the Stage.
10. Click the gum on them.
11. Go to Dock and talk to the penguin by the boat. Help him start his boat by clicking it. Ask him for the pump.
12. Put the gum wad onto the rubber duckie and blow it up with the pump.
13. Stick a transmitter on the duck.
14. Go to the Mine and talk to Rory. Help him out with what he needs.
15. Click on the trough to fix it.
16. After that, click on the fallen mine cart and click the welder by the door to fix the cart.
17. Put a transmitter into the cart.
17.1. For the snake token, call out Pop and have her blow a bubble around the anvil. The snake token is underneath.
18. Go to Ice Berg and put the duck in the water.
19. Teleport to the Ski Hill and hang the kite on the pole in the center.
20. G will call. Go back to HQ and talk to him.
21. Take the binoculars on the counter and go to the Fishing Pond.
22. Use the binoculars and look across the frozen lake.
23. Talk to G and go across the lake to Herbert’s campsite. Play the game.
24. Pick up Herbert’s old spy phone and connect it to the binoculars. Put it in the tree closest to the entrance.
25. Report back to HQ and watch the video with G.
26. End mission 5.

You should receive 1 snake token and a pair of binoculars.

Mission 6: Waddle Squad

1. Talk to G. Herbert will call in on the HQ screens and hear about the puffle.
2. Pick up the broken solar panel by the box of random things.
3. Teleport to the Gift Shop, where Rookie is.
3.1 For the snake token, help the manager set up a sales table outside. Talk to him and pick up the three items by the counter. Bring them outside and set the table up, then put the items on it. Go back in and talk to him again. Call out Flare (black puffle) and have him weld the vault’s hinges. Then use your wrench to fix the lock. The snake token is inside the vault.
4. Talk to Rookie and connect the solar panel to the cables on the magnet.
5. Go to the Beach and talk to the Jet Pack Guy.
6. Grab the barrel of cream soda in the Lighthouse. Take it back to the Jet Pack Guy.
7. Follow the help bottle at the bottom the screen for the dividing of the cream soda.
8. Talk to the penguin at the Dock with the rope and ask to barrow some.
9. Talk to the construction worker by the big hole and help him out. Play the game.
10. Head to the Night Club and scroll right until you find the power box for the trap. Put the rope on the power box and click the red lever.
11. Use your wrench to open the power box.
12. Put the gears in the right spots until they are all moving. It changes each time.
13. Jet Pack Guy will call. Go to the Dock.
14. Rookie will call. Go back to the Night Club.
15. Either move the red lever on the power box, or use your scissors to cut the rope, to drop the cage on Herbert.
16. G will call. Rookie and the Jet Pack Guy will appear.
17. Either take the Jet Pack Guy’s jetpack and attach it to the cage, or turn all the lights on the ceiling towards the solar panel.
18. G will talk, Herbert will escape. G will find a pack of seeds on the ground.
19. End mission 6.

You should receive 1 snake token.

Mission 7: The Veggie Villain

1. Talk to G and click on the monitor when he tells you to.
2. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Pick up the corn seeds.
3. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy upstairs in the Office. Pick up the corn seeds.
4. G will call and the line will go dead. Waddle back to HQ through the Sport Shop.
5. Herbert will appear onscreen and talk about his plan while the other agents come in.
6. Go to the Ski Village, then the Lighthouse.
7. Talk to the penguin with the guitar. Fix his guitar with your wrench.
8. Pick up the DVD case and DVD under the piano. Clean the DVD up.
9. Go back to the Ski Village and give the DVD to Rookie.
10. Click on the transmission box and use your wrench to open the control box.
11. Teleport to the Mine Shack and enter the corn field. Play the game.
12. Scroll right and take the path with the corn seeds back. Scroll left and take the first path. Pick up the wooden plank and find your way back to Rookie. (Do these steps backwards)
13. Put the plank over the river and go across. Play the game.
13.1. For the snake token, scroll left until a patch of corn moves aside. Click to go to another part of the lake. Call Frost (white puffle) and build a bridge across the lake. There’s your next token.
14. Go back to where Rookie is and throw your corn kernels into the fire near the ladder.
15. Head up the ladder.
16. Unplug Herbert’s computer.
17. Click on the paper on the cabinet and use your spy decoder to decipher it.
18. Click the orange book on the shelf. A secret puzzle will pop out. Click on it.
19. The outermost rings are set. You need to move all the other same colors below the set color. (Ex: Set color: Green, move all green tiles beneath it)
20. Dot will teleport you all out in time. The HQ will be destroyed and G will announce that everything is moving to the EPF.
21. End mission 7.

You should receive 1 snake token and a laptop. Congratulations! You now have all the snake tokens and have unlocked a new gadget! Check it out in your spy gadget.

Mission 8: Suspect at Large

1. Talk to the Director. (Nice change of pace, eh?)
2. Pick up the crab costume and put it on. (Me: Oh crud!) Talk to Dot again.
3. Follow the crab on the top screen and move like it moves.
4. G will give you a new gadget; the Spy Camera 3000. Take his picture with it.
5. Go to the Fishing Pond and cross the frozen lake.
6. Use Pop to blow a bubble around the rock and pick up the blueprint piece you find.
7. Another piece of it is on Herbert’s work desk.
8. Knock the bucket over and have Chirp break the ice. There’s another blueprint piece.
9. The last one is in the tree. Use Flit (green puffle) to obtain it. Put the blueprint together.
10. G will call. Teleport to the Ski Hill and jump over into the Wilderness. Head towards Herbert’s old cave.
11. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy, then go inside the cave.
12. Use your micro duster gadget to clear away the ash from the fireplace.
13. Click on the paper pieces and put the blueprint together.
14. Scroll right and knock on the fake rock. Dot will call. Head out of the cave and go back to the tree stump.
15. Use your micro duster to brush away the snow in front of the stump. Click underneath the mat to get a key.
16. Move over to the fake rock and click it. Enter the code that you found in the cave. (H)
17. Use the key to unlock the hatch, then go down.
18. Rookie will call. Take a picture of the plastic tree and flowerpots.
19. Use your wrench to open the power box by the door. Cut the wires with your scissors.
20. Go inside and take a picture of the plant desk.
21. Pick up the key on the fireplace. Go back to the door and throw the switch besides it.
22. Go back to the main room and pick up the golden key by the barrel with the shovels.
23. Go into the unlocked room. Klutzy will be there. Follow his movements like in practice.
24. Pick up the pink key on the bookshelf of random objects.
25. Take a picture of the beach supplies.
26. Move over to the triple locked door and use the three keys on it. Go inside. Rookie will call and say Herbert’s coming back.
27. Grab the blueprint on the wall and leave. Herbert will see you and think you’re Klutzy.
28. Say these in order or you’ll say the wrong thing. Click click click, then Ka-click! Ka-click click click, then finally, Click ka-click click click click!
29. Whew, Herbert bought it. Quickly escape back into the main room. Herbert will lockdown the base.
30. Jet Pack Guy will call. Move right until you see the glittery sunlight. Click on it and use your wrench to get it open! Play the game.
31. End mission 8.

You should receive a crab costume.

Mission 9: Herbert’s Plan

1. Talk to any of the agents. You’ll receive the Heads-Up 3000.
2. Send any of the agents to the Ice Rink, Snow Forts, Mine Shack, Lighthouse, and Town.
3. You’ll receive a tracker from G, as well as a grappling hook and jack hammer. Follow the blue arrow around the islandΒ  and it’ll take you to the Forest.
4. Follow the arrow again and it’ll lead you into Club Penguin Wilderness. You find Frost, use him/her to make an ice bridge across the lake.
5. Click on Chirp below the Tallest Mountain and use your grappling hook on the mountain. Play the game.
6. Use Chirp to shatter the ice around the cage and use your wrench to open it up.
7. Scroll right until you see Rookie. Talk to him and call Flit out. Have him get the hat and give it to Rookie. You’ll receive a fishing rod.
8. Scroll left and use the jack hammer on the big mound of snow. Play the game.
9. Use the fishing rod on the Jet Pack Guy. Use Chirp to disable to jetpack and use your scissors to free the Jet Pack Guy.
10. Call out Bouncer and throw a snowball at the balloon holding Pop prisoner.
11. Have Pop lift the big rock out of your path.
12. Follow the path leading left and play the game.
13. Call out Blast and blast the fake tree.
14. Search around for the old propellor and the four broken pieces to it. Combine them and put it on the small windmill.
15. Have Flare weld it all together.
16. Scroll right until you see a ledge. Use your grappling hook on it and play the game.
17. G will call. Pick up the five pieces of ice lying in the snow and angle them to reflect the light back at the magnifying glass.
18. End mission 9.

You should receive a backpack.

Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

1. You’ll get a call from the Director, then G.
2. G will teleport you and your team to Min Shack. Call him with the new information on the geyser and he will give you an idea.
3. The Jet Pack Guy will call and say he found Herbert at the Ski Village.
4. Go to the Ski Village and talk to the Jet Pack Guy, then Herbert.
5. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy again and you’ll decide to ask Herbert for help.
6. Tell Herbert your plan.
7. Try to use your scissors to cut the belt on the Ski Lift. They’ll break, but Klutzy will snip it for you.
8. Call Pop and blow a bubble around Klutzy, then call Blast and have him pop the bubble.
9. Go and find three items to float Herbert. He’ll have Klutzy go with you.
10. The rubber duck inner tube is at the Ski Village near the Everyday Phoning Booth.
11. Go to the Gift Shop to get the life vest and floatie wings. Grab the tape in the upstairs Office while you’re there. It’ll be on the computer desk.
12. Give the three items to Herbert and continue on.
13. G will call and tell you that you need three big inflatable items to help lift the island.
14. Go to the Ski Lodge Attic and have Klutzy cut the rope around the big crate. Collect the octopus inflatable in it.
15. Go to the Boiler Room and get the blue whale inflatable.
16. Go to the Pool and collect the life ring
17. Head to the iceberg and talk to G. He’ll give you super helium. Play the game and the island will rise a bit.
18. Go to the Plaza, where Dot is, and talk to her. She’ll say she needs several more things for the costumes.
19. Go to the Stage and ask the manager if you can barrow some costumes. Pick up the white beard and paint it black (Paint bucket is there).
20. Go the Pizza Parlor and talk to the manager. He’ll say you can take the mop and dented pizza pan.
21. Have Klutzy cut the mop head off and take the pizza pan on the back table.
22. Give them to Dot and she’ll say that those items will work perfectly.
23. For the island balancing, do this. (Snow Forts; Rockhopper outfit; teleport to the Forest. Normal (EPF Penguin); teleport back to Snow Forts; Cadence outfit; Plaza. Normal; Forest; Sensei outfit; Snow Forts.)
24. G will call and tell you to come to the Mine Shack.
25. Go to Mine Shack and G will say you need to plug the geyser.
26. Rookie will say that Herbert’s statue might be heavy enough. Herbert will say no, but then agrees and says you need transport.
27. Teleport to the Ski Village and use the tape and super helium to fix and fill Herbert’s balloon. Attach it to the basket and Herbert will fly off.
28. Go back to the Mine Shack and G will say that they can’t make a temporary plug.
29. Play the drilling game and freeze the stream using Forst.
30. Herbert will call while you are celebrating and tell you to send Klutzy to cut the rope.
31. Klutzy will cut the rope and Herbert’s balloon will go flying. He’ll call you again and yell that the helium’s too strong. Then the call will end.
32. G will say to secure the statue. Call Pop and blow a bubble around the anvil near Rookie. Then use Frost and freeze the statue in place.
33. The Director will call and give you your final orders… To throw a water party! πŸ˜€ The credits will then roll.

You should receive an inner tube.

Congratulations! You have beaten the game!
(Play the mini-games and get golds for 100%)

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  1. Yes. Elite Penguin Force is just an introduction to the EPF. You do a bunch of missions concerning a missing G and vandalism around the island. It’s not Herbert though. I have no idea where he is during this time O_o

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