FAQ (EPF Files Password Included)

I took my most Frequently Asked Questions and made a page out of them. If you have a problem, check if the answer’s here! If you still have trouble, comment either below or at the Q&A page!

Question: How do I get into the EPF Files page?

Answer: Psst! If you want to get into the EPF Files page, the password is the answer to this question.

(Who’s the leader of the EPF and the former PSA?) (Capitalize the first letter)

Question: How do you take a snap shot of your penguin or anything else?

Answer: Screenshot actually. Check your keyboard for a Print Screen/SysRq button and push it. It’ll take a screenshot of your desktop. Most computers have MS Paint, which can be located under Accessories in the Start Menu. If you have it, press Ctrl + V to paste it. Crop the picture and save it as a JPG, PNG or BMP. 🙂

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