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Ok, I like helping penguins. Need tips for your new blog? Mission help? Screen shot questions? I’ll answer your questions for almost anything. Fan question about myself? I’ll answer that too! (Most of those questions anyways)


Just comment below with your question/s and check back on this page later for an answer! It’ll be attached to your original comment. I’ll most likely get to the question within a day or two!

227 responses to “Q&A

  1. I’m now stuck on mission 12. I can’t figure out how to defeat the jet-bot!! It’s sooooo HARD!

    PLZ reply,


  2. Im stuck trying to figure out the coded message and who the scarf belongs to
    Please help!
    Which coded message? The one in the forest? And the scarf belongs a penguin in the, I think, Sport Shop or Gift Shop.

  3. In EPF for DS, what do you do after you have 79% of the game completed?
    Trying to remember, I think you have to get all the metals for the games.

  4. What was the POINT of the video of your dads garden? It was not worth watching… but the garden has quite a wide variety! Ya better hope nobody you don’t know online recognizes your house!

  5. How do make the sound in the backround clear when you’re using HyperCam? I can’t seem to figure it out…
    The music? If you’re talking about the music, I record the music and put it in my video using Windows Movie Maker!


  6. I also have another question, how do you edit the videos you’ve recorded?
    I use Windows Movie Maker to edit. That way I can also publish my videos in HD!


  7. This question I just thought to asked you:
    Do you like the Warrior series? I am on the 4th book of the first series (there are 3 series).
    Fish sticks! I love the Warrior series! X)


  8. When I record music it’s all fuzzy so I can’t really understand it…. How do you fix that?
    It depends on how you record the music. Do you record it with HyperCam or another program?


  9. HyperCam
    OK. I don’t know how to fix it unfortunetly. I’ll research it for a while to see if I can come up with anything.


  10. What are your two favorite Clans in Warriors? Mine are Thunderclan and Shadowclan. 😀
    Windclan and Thunderclan!


  11. HELP! HOW DO U TAKE SNAP SHOTS OF UR PENGUIN ON CP OR ANY OTHER WEBSITES? (Not vids no, i already know how to, i mean PICS)
    You should have a button on your keyboard that says Print Screen/SysRq or something like that. Click it to take a temporary snapshot. If you have Microsoft Paint, which is on most computers, then you can paste the snapshot in and edit it! I hope I helped!


  12. U helped LOTS thx bubblegum! I don’t have much Microsoft stuff bcz I’m using Windows Vista… so I don’t have any Microsoft Paint. I have a normal Paint though 😀

  13. Wait….I pressed the button but nothing happened. Why?

    It doesn’t show it takeing a picture. It just quick copies it to the Clipboard until you paste it.


  14. What Clipboard(I’m a pea-brain I know, It’s just that sometimes I need somebody to be a little bit more specific)?
    Hmm, I don’t really know how to explain it, because I know almost nothing about it. XD Try reasearching it! 🙂


  15. And another question, how do I post the WHO’S AMUNG US stuff and the pin updaters into my page? I already have the codes and all I need to know is how to stick them into my blog.
    Go to Appearance, then click Widgets. A list of stuff you can put on your sidebar will show up. Drag ‘Text’ to the list of stuff you already have on the sidebar and enter your code in!


  16. lol thx that helped! well here’s another question:
    how do u put other codes in the sidebar. other codes as in the pin codes and u know…who’s reading…?
    Same way. You can add more then one Text. and how you get the codes, for the Who’s Reading, you have to go to their website.

    P.S: Did I answer that right?

  17. AND ANOTHER THING….wait wat was it?…oh yeah umm how do u add another tab in ur page? e.g:like u added this q&a page yes? well how did u do THAT? 😕
    Ohh! That’s easy. You know on your dashboard how you can write a new post? You can also make a new page! Click ‘Pages’, which is one of the catagories, and click Add new!


  18. AND ANOTHER QUESTION…which place do u type in when you drag the ‘Text’ tab into your um…you know…your sidebar then click on…there are two places…a big space and a small rectangular space…which one? I’ve done the Long small rectangular tube as the heading of my Who’s Reading thing and I put the code in the big space..but when I saved it then I went to my page…the code did not turn to the Who’s Amung Us small square. Why?
    P.S: Thanks for your advice
    P.P.S: Sorry that the question is a bit TOO long!
    Which box? Top one or bottom one. Bottom. The top is for the title, like what you want to call it!


  19. And another question…
    What’s a blogroll?
    Blogroll is another word for, I guess, Links. When epeople ask if you can add them to your blog’s blogroll, they’re asking for you to add their site to your Links, so other people can see it!


  20. ok..i get it…but the Who’s Amung us thing has not turned up into the little box with the number of people…why?
    Hmm, I don’t know.. Sorry.


  21. Oh yeah and..ummm..what was it…?ummm…oh yeah uh how do u change that small picture that turns up next to ur..I dunno how to explain it….well here’s another one…what file should I save a video I have made? I need to know, bcz .avi files don’t work on WordPress.
    You mean how do you change your avatar?

    Hmm, I don’t use the video feature. I upload all my videos to YouTube then put the code into the post I’m writting.


  22. No no not the avatar…well you know when I open up a tab on your WordPress website, this blue square saying Club Penguin next to the tab shows up? Well how do youmake one? I made one on my old blog, but I cannot remember how to anymore.
    Oh! That! Well, head to Settings, General and there will be something to the right called Blog Picture. There you can change it! 🙂


  23. ok thanx! o and another question, how do i add a blogroll to my page?
    P.S: I am asking WAY too many questions, aren’t I?
    If you’re talking about adding a blogroll to all your pages, you cant. If that’s not what you’re saying…

    No, you aren’t asking too many questions! Like I said! I like to help!


  24. No, what I’m meaning is, how do I add a blogroll to one of my pages?
    Hmm.. I guess I’m not getting what you’re saying..


  25. And, how do I make my blog more popular?
    Hard work. If you can advertise on other people’s sites and continue to post updates or whatever you post about, eventually the popularity will come.


  26. Personal Question:
    What kind of people do you allow to be on your blogroll?
    If they’re my friends or they add me to their blogroll, I’ll add them.


  27. Ok, about that how to add a blogroll, here’s an easier way:
    How did YOU add your blogroll?
    Oh I get it now. It’s one of the Widgets on the sidebar you can choose.


  28. Ok..that helped LOTS. How can I add people on my blogroll?

    P.S: Can I add YOU on to my blogroll?
    Be logged into your account and go to the person’s blog that you want to add. In the top right hand corner there should be a list of options. Add to Blogroll should be in there.

    And yes you can if you want.


  29. Oh yes, how do u post a poll into a post ?
    Theres a button where you can make a poll and insert it into whatever you want. Post or site. It’s near the Add Picture, Video, and Music buttons that you use.


  30. *is trying to remember* Um.. Hang on.. Oh! I remember! Go to make a new page, or a previous page you already have and near the PUBLISH/UPDATE button, there should be three options above it; Status: Draft Edit
    OK Cancel
    Visibility: Public Edit
    Publish immediately Edit

    Click public edit and there should be an option that says Password Protect or something like that.

  31. and….can I have your name and friend code for Pokemon Platinum? I dunno my friend code yet(bad wi fi connection) but I can tell you my name at least.
    Name: PENO422(All in capitals)

  32. Ok thanx! Which city/town are you in on the game? I’m still in Veilstone City. I can’t seem to know how to punch the bags and reach Maylene(the Gym Leader, you know?).

  33. Hi Bubble! =)
    Quick question… how do you make that Click Here to play Club Penguin thing show up? I can’t seem to get it to load. I paste in the correct code but it never shows =/

  34. Do you have an XAT? It’s easier to talk to your fans that way. XD AHHHHHHHH RANDOM Qs!! BAD BLACKIE! BAD BLACKIE!

  35. When I try to change my gravatar it takes FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER to load. Do you know if I can fix it?

  36. What room/place do you think they should add to CP? (Besides the Pie shop XD)

  37. If you have MS Paint, (Under Accessories in Start Menu) then you can paste it there (Ctrl + V) and crop it. Tutorials are online. (Google is your best friend!)

  38. @Bubblegum423

    well i press the butten and thing this thing comes up it says devlepors tools i copy that then when i try to paste it to paint it wont paste, i restarted y laptop ill try it again

  39. WOWIE (lol) the ehow.com one worked thnx soo much… you know what i like about you, well its that you dont give up and you finish helping the person!

  40. @Bubblegum423

    geeze i feel bad now i hope im not wasting your time but.. well its taking to shots very well but, when i try and copy and paste it wont do any thin i do it a few times but it just dosent work, im really sorry!! =S =( =[

  41. Okay, when you open paint, what tool is it on? (Paintbush, Spray tool, select, etc.) If you don’t know the name, just describe what it looks like.

  42. I forget.. What is the widget called that shows your ‘blog hits’ and your ‘blogroll’?

  43. well there’s select,rubber,fill with colour,pick a colour,pencil,brus,airbrush, text,lines, and he shapes bit. Thhose are the one but when i press copy or select all, it does select but when i paste it to my post it does’t come out

  44. I have another question:
    When I change my icon it takes FOREVER to actrually change it, it shows on my profile that it’s changed but not when I comment… Is this just computer lag? 0-0

  45. Oh no wonder. You have to save the picture in MS Paint then upload it to WordPress by clicking the first button under the title with other icons next to it.

  46. Sure. Let me know if you need anything else 🙂 And don’t worry about annoying me with questions. I love helping. Otherwise I wouldn’t have set this page up! XD


  48. He DID quit. He said his blog was unfortunatly starting to fall apart. 😦
    But.. when I said I had started blogging again, he said he might start blogging again too! 😀 I was like “EEK!” and started spinning randomly on my computer chair. XD

  49. Whoops! Forgot about that! ^^; Under the title in Paint when your saving, there should be an option to change the file type. Choose either JPG or PNG. PNG has cleared quality and you can go back and edit the picture if you made a mistake. 🙂

  50. oh ok, im dont really download things well to tell the truth im not allowd and i think my laptop cant take it but thats ok

  51. How do you add polls to your blog? I made a polldaddy account but i dont know how to put one on my site.. 😦

  52. There’s a Poll button on the left side of your Dashboard. Open the dropdown list (right corner of Poll button) and click Add New. From there you can make a poll and change the style of it. (Under answers). When you’re done, save it.

    Now where do you want it? The sidebar, a post, or a page?

  53. Then go to a new post and click the poll button (under title near Add Picture, Add media, etc.) Find the poll you want to use and click Send to Editor (When you hover over it)

  54. Thanks Bubble!
    I have another question,
    Can you help me with my blog? I’m having a hard time updating on my own… 😦

  55. Lol I have another question,
    Whats the password for the EPF files? I’ve tried everything but I can’t find the right password! XD

  56. Make a ne wpage, and somewhere on the right below “Save Draft” there’s “Visibility” drop down list. (Default is Public) Drop down the list and there should be three options. Public, Password Protected and Private.

  57. ok theres something else iv gotta ask,

    How do you put you penguin on you title like what Blackie has on her site how do you do it?

  58. Heya Bubble!
    I was just wondering about the “Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Guide” and “Become an EPF Agent” banners. Did you get them from somewhere or did you make them? The look cool xD

  59. ok i created a polldaddy account and thne tried making a poll, but it doesnt show..so what do i do now?

  60. Another question! =P
    Umm,how do you add a poll to your blog? Like,okay,how did you add that “Should I have a party for 50,000 hits?” poll to your blog?

  61. OKay, go to a new post and click the little poll button near the insert picture/media/video buttons. A list of your polls will pop up. Hover over the one you want to put in and click send to editor. Copy that code and go to your widgets. Add a text bar to the sidebar and insert the code in. It should show up!

  62. how do you post a vid on your post lol its not working and im try to upload one from youtube but youbue takes to long to say and when i paste the link in it doesnt work HEELP i made the vid from windows movie maker its not working!! and i cant get it to save a a png 😦

  63. Nevermind The #219 Question I Figured It Out.

    Another Question (Sorry For The Questions) Where Are You From? I’m From NZ

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