Card-Jitsu Water Guide

How to Become a Water Ninja

Welcome back. Your journey towards becoming a Water Ninja begins NOW!
1. Go to the Water Dojo. You can get there from the entrance in the Dojo Hideout.
2. Talk to Sensei and click “Earn Your Water Suit“.

Tip: (If the game lags (is very slow) for you, I have two recommendations. Click =/+ on your keyboard to make Club Penguin low quality, or use small screen.)

All right, to start off, here’s the main layout of the board. (Right click picture and click View Image if it’s too small.)
1. Your Cards (They scroll across the bottom)

2. Edge of the Waterfall (AVOID)
3. Green Tiles (The tiles you can currently jump to)
4. You. (Or in this case, me. Green circle at the bottom indicates it’s you.)
5. Water element (Use Snow to put it out)
6. Fire element (Use Water to put it out)
7. Snow element (Use Fire to put it out)
8. Big Snow (Takes two fires to put out)
9. Big Fire (Takes two waters to put out)
10. Gong (Ring it to win the match)
11. Big Water (Takes two snows to put it out)

Objective: Reach the Gong before anyone else or be the last one standing.
If you ever need a reminder of how to play, there’s a little instruction page while you’re waiting for the game to load.

Using a 10 or higher Power Card
If you use a power card of 10 or higher, it’ll cause the surrounding elements to either shrink, disappear completely, or grow bigger. For example, you use a 10 water card while surrounded by water and fire. The fire would go out or shrink, while the water would get bigger.

Slowing Down Opponents
If there’s a penguin who’s quickly catching up to you, you can slow them down by adding onto an element near them. (Ex: Use fire on a tile with fire already on it) This will make the element bigger and harder to put out. Note: You can only do this on tiles surrounding you.

If you manage to hit the gong, a big wave will surge out and wash away your opponents and the rocks. TOTAL WIPEOUT TIME!

Everytime you win, you’ll earn more EXP (experience points) and earn your Water Suit faster!

That’s pretty much all you need to know! I know, right? It’s a lot simpler than Card-Jitsu Fire, that’s for sure. 🙂
After you receive all of your water outfit and defeat Sensei, he’ll present you with the water gem for your amulet!
More to come

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